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Photo Gallery of Previous Comedy Shows

“This is the closest thing to the feeling we had on stage since our live taping almost 30yrs ago” … Hamburger

The kickoff weekend for the Def Comedy Jam Reunion Tour, 4/2-4/3 (2 sold-out shows) at Bethesda Blues & Jazz Supper Club in Bethesda Md and (2 sold-out shows) at Va Beach Funnybone in Va Beach Va, was absolutely magical. The crowds had great energy and were ready to laugh. The 5 veteran comics did not disappoint, delivering nonstop laughter !!

Mike Brooks

Talent & Ed Henry

Ed Henry CEO Graphite City Comedy llc

Group Shot

Chris Thomas & Ed Henry

Ed Henry & Mike Brooks

Bruh Man from the fifth floor & Ed Henry

Chris Thomas

Hamburger, Ed Henry & Mike Brooks

Anguz Black & Ed Henry

Earthquake & Ed Henry